The suspected terrorist shot dead by the law enforcement in the London suburb of Streatham was on a police watch-list when he stabbed two people, and was recently released from prison early. according to a Sky News report.

The knifeman who stabbed and injured two people — one seriously — in Streatham on Sunday was “under active police surveillance at the time of the incident,” Sky News’ security correspondent claimed.

Sky later added that the man had been released from prison in recent days, after serving less than half of a three year sentence for possessing “extremist material.”

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Police officer at the scene where a man was shot by armed officers in Streatham, south London. © REUTERS/Antonio Bronic
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London’s Metropolitan Police described the operation to take down the attacker as “a proactive Counter Terrorism operation,” in which undercover officers “were in immediate attendance” and shot the man dead on the scene.

Video footage captured from a passing bus just meters away showed undercover officers swarming around the man, who at this point was still alive on the footpath. Officers ushered pedestrians away and kept their weapons trained on the suspect.

Police described the incident as “terrorist-related,” later adding they “believe it to be Islamist-related.”

A third bystander was injured by glass, sent flying by a police bullet.

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Two months before the Streatham stabber’s onslaught, armed police shot and killed a terrorist attacker on London bridge, after he stabbed two passers-by to death. The assailant, Usman Khan, had been previously imprisoned for a litany of terrorist offenses, and was on parole at the time of his fatal knife rampage. 

Both suspects appeared to be wearing fake suicide vests at the time of their attacks. Khan was strapped with a fake explosive vest, while the Streatham attacker was wearing some sort of a “hoax device.” 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was slammed on television after Khan’s violent attack, when it emerged that 74 convicted terrorists were free to roam the streets of the UK, after being granted early release from prison. 

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Usman Khan (inset) was convicted of terrorism in 2012. Main image: emergency response agencies during Friday's attack. © Global Look Press / Guilhem Baker
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A subsequent newspaper report described Britain’s prisons as incubators of Islamic extremism, where inmates preside over Sharia trials and recruit young muslim inmates into groups like Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

Sunday’s knife attack is likely to once again bring the UK’s apparent inability to prevent terrorist attacks into the media spotlight.

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