Armed police units have descended on the London suburb of Streatham, after a knife-wielding terror suspect stabbed and injured two people. Video footage shows the moments after the attack and the scale of the response. London’s Metropolitan Police say they […]
London police have shot a man dead in the city’s Streatham area in a “terrorist” incident. Two people have been stabbed, and the incident has been described as “Islamist-related.” Armed police officers descended on the London suburb of Streatham on […]
Shutterstok/travellight Boeing expects the economic cost of its two fatal plane crashes to be as high as US$19 billion, and has confirmed its first annual loss in 20 years. As well as losing US$636m in 2019, the company also said […]
It won’t hurt them to know that superheroes are capable of doing wrong too. The protagonist of the decorum-defying but wildly entertaining new film, Jojo Rabbit, sees the world in black and white. The film is set in Nazi […]
Myanmar was ordered to “take all measures within its power” to prevent any further acts of violence against the Rohingya in late January by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The court is considering a case brought by the Gambia […]
New research from Wales shows the level of concern at what might happen to creative industries after Brexit. jax10289 via Shutterstock The creative industries are one of the UK’s most conspicuous success stories. Creativity is not just good for the […]
Two women, one poet: Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper. “Let no man think he can put asunder what God has joined”. So wrote the poet Katharine Bradley in a letter of 1886. She was explaining her relationship with her niece […]
Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Bob Dylan –  a glittering array of stars whose work was captured by photographer Jim Marshall. His photographs stood out because they trusted him to go behind the scenes. But […]
A student at the University of York is one of the two Chinese citizens who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK. Although the university said it had been advised there was a low risk of the infection […]
Ben Kavanagh spoke to us – over a rather ropey internet connection – from quarantine in the Wirral.