Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has hailed the moment of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU as the “most significant in modern British history,” adding that Brexit will lead to the “beginning of the end of the European project.” Speaking […]
With Brexit done, where is Britain headed next? Will London allignwith Washington, Beijing, or both? Will the departure usher in a new era of prosperity, or the collapse of the UK itself? RT spoke to experts and politicians. Business as […]
France’s Emmanuel Macron says he is deeply sad but David Davis says everybody will win from Brexit.
An advertising campaign tells the UK public to catch sneezes in tissues as the new virus spreads.
The drug is aimed at protecting against accidental exposure, but may cause a fatal reaction.
Becky Brothwood had the disease at 17 but possibly lived only because she thought she was pregnant.
Several fake profiles appeared using photos of Oscar Saxelby-Lee who is having treatment for leukaemia.