Jonty Bravery told his carers he wanted to push someone off a building about a year before the attack.
President turned speech into a screed against investigations into his administration and railed against Democrats Donald Trump delivered a triumphalist, mocking, vitriolic and vulgar speech in the White House on Thursday afternoon in celebration of the acquittal at his impeachment […]
Early reports of death of Li Wenliang were retracted, only for doctor to succumb to disease later in day Coronavirus – latest updates A whistleblowing Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm about the coronavirus outbreak has died, a […]
Police say Rising Up report was commissioned as group had a ‘large following’ and concluded XR was not a threat Counter-terrorism chiefs ordered a formal assessment of whether Extinction Rebellion was a national security threat one year ago and then […]
“Kirk Douglas retained his movie star charisma right to the end of his wonderful life” – the words of film director Steven Spielberg, following the death of his friend at the age of 103. Douglas played a variety of characters […]
“We went through hell: we did nothing wrong” – that was the verdict of Donald Trump following his acquittal yesterday at his impeachment trial. In a roll call that took only half an hour, Mitt Romney was the one lone […]
Scotland’s Finance Secretary has stepped down from his post and been suspended from the SNP over reports that he had sent over 200 messages to a 16-year-old boy. News of Derek Mackay’s resignation came just hours before he was due […]
Police in Northern Ireland say they believe dissident republicans planted a viable explosive device on a lorry trailer. Officers say they think the bomb was put there in the mistaken belief it would have been at sea when the UK […]
Rat microglia in green. wikipedia, CC BY-SA Microglia are resident immune cells in your brain that act as first responders, always on the lookout for trouble. Accounting for about 10% of our brain cells, they were historically thought of as […]