Climate activists have wheeled a real-life Trojan Horse into the courtyard outside the British Museum to protest oil and gas giant British Petroleum’s (BP) sponsorship of a new exhibition about ancient Troy.

The activist theater group ‘BP or Not BP’ built a replica of the Trojan Horse, built from reclaimed timber and discarded rope, which can seat 10 people.

The activists sneaked into the museum’s courtyard at 7:30 local time Friday morning and intend to stay inside the courtyard overnight ahead of the ‘BP must fall’ protest on Saturday. An estimated 1,000 people will descend upon the British Museum, protesting against BP’s sponsorship of the current Troy exhibition.

“Just like in the myth, BP pretends that it’s giving us a gift, when in reality it’s trying to smuggle its deadly climate-wrecking business plans past the public’s defences,” BP Or Not BP spokeswoman Sarah Horne said previously.  

‘BP or Not BP’ previously staged other British Museum protests with a Viking longship and a sea monster, both meters-long.

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