As Britain imposes local lockdowns, a newly released study suggests the UK is a hair’s breadth away from devastating riots. However, the government was warned about this a long time ago, and apparently chose to proceed anyway. When the British […]
Arrest warrant issued for campaigner and US citizen Samuel Chu Britons also among those wanted for ‘incitement to secession’ Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for six pro-democracy activists living in exile, the first time the city’s authorities have […]
Xbox Series X – does it favour multiplayer over single-player? (pic: Microsoft) A reader is critical of the Microsoft’s next gen reveal strategy so far but thinks that could still end up beating Sony in the long run. I didn’t […]
What would you do if you were Phil Spencer? (pic: Microsoft) GameCentral readers evaluate Microsoft’s next gen Xbox plans and reveal what they’d do if they were in charge of the company. The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was […]
Halo Infinite – presenting games as a service (pic: Microsoft) A reader is suspicious of Microsoft’s plans for Fable and Forza Motorsport and thinks they’ve given up single-player almost entirely. I’ve noticed a lot of Reader’s Features recently have been […]
Media giant announces decision by Rupert Murdoch’s son Statement cites ‘disagreements over certain editorial content’ James Murdoch has resigned from the board of News Corp, the media company said on Friday, citing “disagreements” over editorial content. Related: The Rise of […]