Trump said he knows ‘nothing about QAnon’ at an NBC Town Hall on Tuesday (Photo: AP)

Donald Trump has refused to refute an outlandish conspiracy theory claiming his Democrat rivals are satanic pedophiles.

He was asked by moderator Savannah Guthrie to disavow QAnon, a fringe right-wing conspiracy theory, at an NBC Town Hall on Thursday in Miami, Florida.

‘I know nothing about QAnon,’ Trump said. ‘I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard.’ He refused to refute the group even after its wacky beliefs were explained to him by town hall host Savannah Guthrie.

QAnon is focused on Trump fighting a satanic pedophilia ring created by the Democrats. It stemmed from fictional stories written in forums on the Internet, although some Republicans, including the president, have now shared it to millions of followers.

Trump retweeted a QAnon conspiracy page on Tuesday which falsely alleged that Osama bin Laden was still alive, with Twitter deleting the account due to misinformation.

‘That was a retweet,’ he said. ‘That was an opinion of somebody.  I’ll put it out there and people can decide for themselves.  I do a lot of retweets.’

Guthrie continued to press Trump on the subject, and at one point he seemed rattled, and said ‘so cute’ to one of her rebuttals.

He was also pressed on how he would not denounce white supremacy at the first presidential debate.

‘You always do this,’ he said. ‘I denounce white supremacy. I have denounced white supremacy for years.  You didn’t ask Joe Biden whether or not he denounces Antifa.’

Trump was pressed on his QAnon retweets by moderator Savannah Guthrie (Photo: AP)

Trump also refused to deny claims he owes more than $400 million coming due within the next four years.

‘I am extremely underleveraged,’ he said.

Trump’s town hall was airing live on NBC at the same time as a town hall with Joe Biden, which aired on ABC.

They split due to over concerns of Trump spreading Covid after becoming infected with coronavirus a couple weeks ago.

When pressed on when he was tested for coronavirus before the first presidential debate, Trump said he ‘didn’t know.’

‘I don’t even remember,’ he said. ‘I test all the time.’

Under Trump’s presidency, there are 8 million cases of coronavirus in America, and over 218,000 are dead.

While many Americans have already cast their ballot, the election officially begins on Tuesday, November 3.

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