Perhaps because he was so directly, insistently asked to answer for his own record – Trump barely even mentioned his opponent Biden.

He tried to deflect to Biden when Guthrie asked him about his hesitance to denounce white supremacists.

In a standout moment of both town halls tonight, the mother of a trans child asked Biden a question on her daughter’s rights.

As many have pointed out, a discussion on LGBT rights in general has been notably absent in the 2020 campaign so far, but many have praised Biden for his response to the question:

This awesome mom Mieke Haeck asked Joe Biden about how he’d protect her trans daughter, cited the Trump-Pence administration’s rollback of trans rights

We just got the first Transgender question in the whole damn campaign. Biden says he promises there is no reason to suggest there should be any right denied to Transpeople that is enjoyed by anyone else. Thank you!

Holy sh*t! Joe acknowledged the high rates of deaths of Black trans women and the work of Beau Biden. This is an issue that is not getting due attention on the national level. #BidenTownHall

Joe Biden is now discussing the murder of transgender women of color and how he plans to protect trans people. Again, he’s not perfect but bare minimum this is refreshing to hear.

I think Biden needs a little more education about how to talk about trans identities, but his position seems in the right place and I can’t imagine how the other guy would have answered a question like that.

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