A man in his 80s with underlying health issues has become the sixth person in the UK to die after testing positive for the virus. The number of known UK infections is up by 54 on yesterday with the total […]
Undetected transmissions in early stage of outbreak at heart of current difficulties Coronavirus – the latest updates Coronavirus travel ban: Italy on lockdown – in pictures Italy appeared well ahead of the curve when the coronavirus outbreak began to spread […]
Марьян Блан | @marjanblan/Unsplash, CC BY-SA The energy used to grow, process, package and transport food accounts for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. But not all food is equally carbon-intensive. Researchers can measure the impact of different […]
The Amazon (left) may one day look more like the Serengeti (right). worldclassphoto / GTS Productions / shutterstock We know that ecosystems under stress can reach a point where they rapidly collapse into something very different. The clear water of […]
ra2 studio via Shutterstock People get corrected on their language all the time. With written language, this is mostly about spelling and punctuation. In some cases, though, – especially when speaking – we’re pulled up on our grammar. Whatever you […]
Trans activists have been accused of launching smoke grenades at a Labour Women’s Declaration march held in West London Monday evening, in the shadow of Grenfell Tower. The march was held to raise concerns over the Labour Party’s policy on […]
EPA/Justin Lane Until recently, investors were enjoying substantial gains from a strong bull market in securities that essentially began in the depths of the financial crisis of 2007-09. With world markets now in serious turmoil, COVID-19 has probably brought this […]
A UK Court of Appeal ruled that people cannot simply leave their biological gender off their passports after a campaigner argued that those who identify as ‘non-binary’ should be allowed to use letter ‘X’ in place of ‘F’ or ‘M.’ […]
PowerUp/Shutterstock During the past year, ransomware gangs have shifted their focus towards cities and councils. These attacks have quickly become commonplace. US cities, in particular, have regularly been subjected to ransomware, disrupting their operations on a massive scale. Elsewhere, an […]
The BBC has become embroiled in yet another controversy following its decision to interview Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage on the Covid-19 outbreak, a choice which has been both hammered and defended by Twitter users. BBC Newsnight interviewed an array […]