The Government has announced emergency legislation to stop the automatic early release of terrorists – after a convicted terrorist stabbed two people yesterday afternoon in a busy south London street. Sudesh Amman was under heavy police surveillance at the time […]
Dozens more people have died from the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan – with hospitals now struggling to get hold of essential supplies. China has launched an urgent appeal for medical equipment, masks and protective goggles – as […]
There is no need for Britain to accept alignment with European rules, Boris Johnson has declared – as he set out his vision for a future Canada style trade deal with the EU. But his tough line has put him […]
Good Morning Britain (GMB) host Piers Morgan has hit out at Boris Johnson for his response to the Streatham terrorist attack, claiming the PM even refused to come on TV to talk about the tragedy. On Monday’s episode of GMB, […]
Hy-Fi, The Living, MoMA. Jessica Sheridan/Flickr, CC BY-SA The world of fungi has attracted a lot of interest and seems to be becoming very fashionable of late. A new exhibition at Somerset House in London, for example, is dedicated to […]
UN soldiers in Seoul. Christina Desitriviantie Former US Private First Class Stephen Green was found guilty of raping and killing a 14-year-old girl and murdering her family in Mahmudiyah, Iraq in 2006. Four years later, US Corporal Jeremy Morlock was […]
DARPA The Dream Machine, The Imagineers of War, The Pentagon’s Brain… Perhaps not phrases you’d normally associate with a research funding agency. But these are all titles of books about the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) – an American funding […]
British PM Boris Johnson has provoked social media ire after branding critics of an impending trade deal with Donald Trump’s United States as “juvenile anti-Americans,” insisting that they should “grow up and get a grip.” In a speech in Greenwich, […]
Paweł Czerwiński/Unsplash, CC BY-SA You’d be forgiven for thinking that businesses are racing ahead in the green transition. After all, big corporations like Sainsbury’s and Microsoft have made public announcements about going carbon neutral, or even carbon negative in the […]
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has been roasted on Twitter after bizarrely labeling terrorists such as the Streatham attacker as a ‘counter-terrorist offenders’ and blaming the old Labour government for his early release from jail. In the aftermath of the […]