Academics say case of Dr Asiya Islam, turned down after 10 years in UK, gives the lie to assurances Britain is open to experts The UK is “open to global talent”, the government declared last week, with a new visa […]
PM calls for biggest emitters to join up with pledge to go net zero and says ban on diesel and petrol cars will be brought forward to 2035 Boris Johnson is calling on countries around the world to follow the […]
JEREMY CLARKSON is never one to shy away from sharing his outrageous views, and certainly did not hold back when he told GQ that the Duchess of Sussex needs to “get a grip”.
STORMZY is famously critical of the UK government and in a new article with GQ has slammed Boris Johnson along with every Prime Minister that has preceded him.
A former reviewer of terror laws questions plans to end early jail release after attacks in London.
A report by Ofcom also found that 3-8 year olds are watching YouTube for eight hours a week on average.
Dickens After Death, John Everett Millais, June 10 1870 Charles Dickens Museum When Charles Dickens died, he had spectacular fame, great wealth and an adoring public. But his personal life was complicated. Separated from his wife and living in a […]
No.10 Downing Street’s efforts to bar certain reporters from a “selective briefing” on PM Boris Johnson’s plans for a post-Brexit free trade agreement with the EU triggered a walkout, with all correspondents leaving in solidarity. A group of press arriving […]
One unpleasant repercussion of the global fear of the coronavirus has been a growing number of racist incidents experienced by Chinese and other Asian people, including here in the UK. Sylvia Wu, a Chinese citizen working in London, and Jessie […]
How have Boris Johnson’s words gone down in Europe? By chance – here in London today was one of Germany’s most influential politicians from the ruling Christian Democrats – Norbett Rottgen, Chair of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee. Our Europe […]