Business and Global Trade Correspondent Paul McNamara explains the Health Secretary’s comments about supermarkets and stockpiling which have been challenged.
  Dr. Richard Hatchett advised the Bush and Obama White Houses and worked for the agency that protects Americans against pandemics and bioweapons. He’s now received more than twenty million pounds from the UK government to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. […]
Staff and patients at Milton Keynes university hospital in isolation after man’s death Follow the latest on Covid-19 Share your experiences Medical staff and patients at a hospital in Milton Keynes have been placed in isolation after a man in […]
Family court ruled this week that Sheikha Shamsa al-Maktoum was probably abducted by her father The lapsed investigation into the disappearance of the ruler of Dubai’s daughter from the streets of Cambridge 20 years ago is to be reviewed, police […]
Scarves, friends, the example of the US president, can any of them help you follow the latest health advice? “I haven’t touched my face in weeks,” said Donald Trump, at a meeting with airline CEOs about the coronavirus crisis on […]
Zaferkizilkaya/ The effects of climate change often fall hardest on the poorest – and smallholder farmers in developing countries are among those most at risk. With limited savings, limited access to credit, and uncertain access to land, water and so […]
Flybe’s collapse has left passengers stranded and put 2,000 jobs at risk. Europe’s biggest regional airline is thought to be one of the first business casualties of the new coronavirus outbreak, which reduced demand for flights. Both tourists and businesses […]
The capture of a slave ship by the Royal Navy in 1859, from which 847 enslaved Africans were released. Illustrated London News Britain was once among the most enthusiastic of slave-trading nations. But just over 200 years ago, the country […]
Group photo outside the Memorial Hall at the Shah Jahan Mosque complex in Woking. Woking Mission Photos Index, Author provided The two first British mosques were established in 1889 in Liverpool and Woking, and women played a major contribution to […]
Kuang Biao, CC BY-SA China’s political leaders will be hoping that when concerns about the coronavirus eventually start to recede, memories about the state’s failings early on in the outbreak will also fade. They will be particularly keen for people […]