Hundreds of migrants are currently stranded in freezing weather in Bosnia. Many are without winter clothes, sleeping bags and tents and have been forced to sleep outside after a temporary camp was dismantled. Local hostility is blocking efforts to relocate […]
Ugandans vote tomorrow in a presidential election pitting Yoweri Museveni, who’s led the country for 35 years, against the challenger, the singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine. The campaign has been marred by violence against opposition candidates. Wine’s supporters have been harassed and […]
Short notice is making it difficult to book advance appointments, as PM admits regional disparities Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Inconsistent vaccine supply is making it difficult for GPs in England to book patient appointments more […]
The prime minister has said he would have no hesitation suspending the agreement reached with the EU over checks on food and goods shipped to Northern Ireland if delays to freight get worse. Boris Johnson said goods were flowing well, […]
Carlisle has seen some of the sharpest rises in Covid rates in England. One of the reasons, according to the director of public health in Cumbria, is that many people there simply cannot afford to stop work and self-isolate.
As hospitals in England face being overwhelmed by Covid-19, 45 percent of medical staff have reported suffering anxiety, depression, problem drinking and PTSD as they struggle with working on coronavirus wards, a new study says. The study, conducted by the […]
Nigel Farage has riled social media by saying the UK is heading steadily towards a police state with every new restriction taken in the name of fighting Covid-19. ‘East Germany’ started suddenly trending on Twitter – all because Farage, who […]
A total of 10,122 people in London have died within 28 days of a positive Covid test, according to new data from Public Health England. London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the news as “heartbreaking” and urged people to stay home. […]
The UK’s biggest supermarket chains have come together to call for government action “to prevent significant disruption” to Northern Ireland’s food supply chains due to new customs regulations under the Brexit deal. The CEOs of Asda, Iceland, Marks & Spencer, […]
Vice-president says it would ‘set a terrible precedent’ Wyoming conservative’s split with Trump could give cover to others President rejects responsibility for Capitol riot he inspired Schumer: Trump should not hold office one day longer’ Ex-Michigan governor set to be […]