Amber wind warnings in place across the south and ‘blizzard-like conditions’ expected by next week Storm Ciara is expected to hit the UK this weekend and bring winds of up to 80mph to coastal areas. The Met Office has warned […]
Trad wives are drawn to retro 1950s images of women as “happy housewives” Flikr, CC BY-SA Alena Petitt, a well-known author and lifestyle blogger, has become the British face of the “Tradwife” movement, closely associated with the hashtag #TradWife. The […]
Shutterstock/WAYHOME studio Smartphones have changed the world. A quick glance around any street or communal space shows how dominant our favourite digital devices have become. We are familiar with the sight of groups of teenagers not talking, but eagerly composing […]
Look familiar? vectorfusionart / How did those new year’s resolutions work out for you? Old habits will have already returned for many – you’re not alone if you’ve already stopped using that new gym membership. Similarly, you’re in good […]
As the great and good of the movie world get ready to step out on the Oscars red carpet, old Hollywood glamour – and old Hollywood values – remain central to the night. The Academy Awards presentation is one of […]
Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock Everybody knows that firstborns are natural leaders, middle children are rebels and the baby of the family is spoiled yet confident. At least, that’s what received wisdom tells us. But is any of it true? And where did […]
France has warned the UK that they must agree to “dynamic alignment” on EU rules if they want a favorable post-Brexit trade deal with the bloc, in a move that could trigger tensions between the two countries. French President Emmanuel […]
Climate activists have wheeled a real-life Trojan Horse into the courtyard outside the British Museum to protest oil and gas giant British Petroleum’s (BP) sponsorship of a new exhibition about ancient Troy. The activist theater group ‘BP or Not BP’ […]
Some 3,700 people are on board the ship, which is quarantined in Yokohama for at least two weeks.
MEGHAN MARKLE has gained herself a legion of fans since joining the Royal Family, and female prisoners told a stunned Duchess of Cornwall that they have been writing to Prince Harry’s “inspirational” wife.