Early reports of death of Li Wenliang were retracted, only for doctor to succumb to disease later in day Coronavirus – latest updates A whistleblowing Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm about the coronavirus outbreak has died, a […]
Police say Rising Up report was commissioned as group had a ‘large following’ and concluded XR was not a threat Counter-terrorism chiefs ordered a formal assessment of whether Extinction Rebellion was a national security threat one year ago and then […]
“Kirk Douglas retained his movie star charisma right to the end of his wonderful life” – the words of film director Steven Spielberg, following the death of his friend at the age of 103. Douglas played a variety of characters […]
“We went through hell: we did nothing wrong” – that was the verdict of Donald Trump following his acquittal yesterday at his impeachment trial. In a roll call that took only half an hour, Mitt Romney was the one lone […]
Scotland’s Finance Secretary has stepped down from his post and been suspended from the SNP over reports that he had sent over 200 messages to a 16-year-old boy. News of Derek Mackay’s resignation came just hours before he was due […]
Police in Northern Ireland say they believe dissident republicans planted a viable explosive device on a lorry trailer. Officers say they think the bomb was put there in the mistaken belief it would have been at sea when the UK […]
Rat microglia in green. wikipedia, CC BY-SA Microglia are resident immune cells in your brain that act as first responders, always on the lookout for trouble. Accounting for about 10% of our brain cells, they were historically thought of as […]
The chairman of the Grenfell Tower inquiry is to seek assurances from the government that any evidence provided by employees of the cladding firms won’t be used against them in further criminal prosecutions prompting anger online. Sir Martin Moore-Bick has […]
BBC’s Newsnight has been ridiculed this week after an online clip of the program was shared on social media, showing the presenter struggling to say a politician’s real (and rather simple) name. With its non-phonetic pronunciation, the English language can […]