A bereaved mother has described the “ongoing torture” of seeing her daughter’s murderer released, despite the fact he’s never told police where he left her body. Helen McCourt was 22 years old when she was murdered by Ian Simms in […]
A public that has “rumbled”  police who apparently can’t deal with the volume of crime, something which is “corrosive” for the long term relationship between the police and the public: these – the blunt conclusions of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of […]
Thailand now has 25 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and its capital Bangkok is now considered the most at-risk city in the world outside of China for spread of the infection. Our Bangkok Correspondent Jonathan Miller has spoken to doctors […]
There has been an outpouring of grief and anger in China after the doctor who raised the alarm over the coronavirus died of the disease. Dr Li Wen Liang was harassed by the authorities after he posted his fears about […]
Schools in England are equipping teachers with body cameras in a bid to “de-escalate” confrontations in the classroom as part of a trial program with the intention to make them a permanent feature, raising privacy concerns . At least two […]
Exclusive: former chancellor expected to leave role amid shakeup by new chief executive, sources say George Osborne’s future at the Evening Standard is believed to be in doubt, with sources at the newspaper expecting the former chancellor to leave the […]
Amber wind warnings in place across the south and ‘blizzard-like conditions’ expected by next week Storm Ciara is expected to hit the UK this weekend and bring winds of up to 80mph to coastal areas. The Met Office has warned […]
Trad wives are drawn to retro 1950s images of women as “happy housewives” Flikr, CC BY-SA Alena Petitt, a well-known author and lifestyle blogger, has become the British face of the “Tradwife” movement, closely associated with the hashtag #TradWife. The […]
Shutterstock/WAYHOME studio Smartphones have changed the world. A quick glance around any street or communal space shows how dominant our favourite digital devices have become. We are familiar with the sight of groups of teenagers not talking, but eagerly composing […]
Look familiar? vectorfusionart / shutterstock.com How did those new year’s resolutions work out for you? Old habits will have already returned for many – you’re not alone if you’ve already stopped using that new gym membership. Similarly, you’re in good […]